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Authorized Distributor

Cowboy Safes is proud to be a factory Authorized Distributor for all the brands that we carry.
When you buy from Cowboy Safes, you are assured of receiving ONLY FACTORY-FRESH MERCHANDISE.

What are the Benefit?

  • Guarantee Factory Fresh products - Your merchandise are always shipped BRAND NEW from the manufacturer. Most stores purchase products in bulk and store them in their warehouse and wait to be sold. The waiting time may take months or even years before all item is sold. Within this time frame the product experience extreme Heat, Cold and Humid conditions causing rust and their characteristics, performance, calibration, battery lifespan, etc. would be affected, even if the products are not used. Unauthorized distributors are not able to supply factory-fresh products.

When you buy from Cowboy Safes, you can rest assured that your purchase will be protected by the manufacturer's warranty and you are eligible for special rebates, offers, and promotions.

Why this is important?

  • All qualifying rebates are only valid for purchases from authorized distributors, and to qualify you must provide documents that cannot be offered by unauthorized re-seller.

Cowboy Safes high level of service continues after you have made your purchase, and we can assist you with the shipment, exchange or return of your order.

Before you purchase from an unauthorized third-party re-seller claiming "lower prices", you should also consider the following:

  • Some unauthorized re-sellers sell products with the serial numbers altered or entirely removed so that the manufacturers cannot track how they obtained these units. This voids the warranty.
  • Some unauthorized dealers sell "gray goods" or "parallel import" versions of the products. These are similar versions that were not intended for distribution in the USA.
  • Some resellers will sell refurbished products without informing you of this. 
  • Some resellers will sell Display or Demo Products to make room for the latest model in the market. 
Please be aware of these potential pitfalls and buy from an authorized dealer.